Hello, when can I post Conductor questions?

Hi, I’m a Dapr enthusiast and just started poking around Conductor.

Please excuse the distraction, but apparently I haven’t earned sufficient cred to post in the Conductor category, so I’m posting here to (hopefully) reach the next level.

Some initial Conductor questions:

Is the private registry option compatible with an ECR pull-through cache? If so, I suggest adding that to the docs.

Can you explain more about the pod identity limitation on EKS? Does this apply to any use of service accounts, including IRSA? What is the practical impact of this limitation?

For enterprise use, is running Conductor dashboard on-premises on the roadmap?

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Hi Joe,

thanks for reaching out here. Answering your questions on order:

We fixed creds set up, you should be able to use Conductor channel in the future.

Since we are using Google artifact registry, looking at AWS docs, it doesn’t seem to be possible right now. I wonder, what other options are available in this case?

If you use pod identity for your Dapr component authentication, the limitation only applies for component initialization checks. Everything else will work fine. Essentially you will not get components-init checks passing in Conductor and will show up with incorrect errors message. That will not impact in any way how applications or the rest of Conductor functions. This limitation is described here.

Let me know if you need any further help or have questions.