Introducing Conductor Free: A powerful Dapr web console for developers!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Conductor Free, a cloud-based console for Dapr developers. It offers essential capabilities to boost your development experience on Kubernetes.

Main features include:

  • Dapr Resource Discovery: This feature identifies and displays Kubernetes resources such as components, subscriptions, resiliency policies and application configurations, involved in your Dapr applications.
  • Application Visualization: Conductor Free creates a live, dynamic graph showing how services interact and connect to the underlying infrastructure, including visualizing performance metrics like Requests Per Second (RPS) and call failures.
  • Metrics and Alerting: The service alerts you about errors in application pods or Dapr sidecars and monitors running applications for issues, providing alerts based on error messages and metrics thresholds from the Dapr runtime.
  • Development Best Practices: It evaluates your Dapr deployments and provides guidance on security, reliability, and observability settings, such as recommending application-specific scoping for components to strengthen security boundaries.
  • Dapr Management: Conductor Free eases the installation and version management of the Dapr control plane on any Kubernetes cluster, including Kind and MiniKube, ensuring synchronized version upgrades or downgrades between the control plane and Dapr sidecars.

For a deep dive into Conductor Free’s capabilities and to discover how it can enhance your developer experience, visit our blog and sign up for Conductor Free.

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